Sunday, February 8, 2009

Art for Sunday Scribblings

His skid road
is frozen now
so I decided
to take a walk
in the woods.

About a mile in
I saw him
getting ready
to cut a tree down.

First he backed
the skidder up
to within a few feet
of the pine tree,
climbed off,
and did a little dance
around the tree
to tamp the snow

Then he wrapped
a thick cable
around the base
about three feet up.

He had to use
an extender
because this tree
was so big.

A quiet moment
His glance slid
all the way up
the direction
of the fall.

Then he grabbed
his chainsaw
and took a notch
out of the fall side
of the tree,

made his way around
and sawed straight in
opposite the notch,

until the pine
started to tip,
rip, groan, snap,
crash, fall.

After repeating this
procedure a couple
more times,
he winched the trees
up close to the skidder
and proceeded
to skid them
out to the yard.

I followed that
grumbling monster
with a gigantic tail
out of the woods

breathing fresh air
and pine scent

thankful that we live
in an area where
trees are plentiful
and men can make
a living from the art
of tree harvesting.


GreenishLady said...

I've never actually watched a tree being felled. Interesting to follow the moment-to-moment steps described here.

bellamocha said...

I love this SS- the subject is such an unusual one! I've never seen a tree felled either, and the steps that are taken are fascinating. I love the detail that you've got here. And the pictures are great.

Mine's up too. Happy SS!
Bella :)

seher's shenanigans said...

this sure is unique :)
chk mine out, it is up at

anthonynorth said...

Great pics and words there. Enjoyed it.

danni said...

this was so well written, i could visualize the whole process - felling trees surely is an art --- so many things around in our everday lives that ooze art - so many things we miss by looking with our every day eyes instead of our artistic eyes!!!

Patois said...

In clearing land to build a home in the mountains 13 years ago, I watched such art in progress. A wonderfully artful take on the prompt.

floreta said...

this is definitely an art!

Tumblewords: said...

Tree felling is truly an art! I always think of life, itself, as being a creative process from beginning to end and oftentimes enhanced by a multitude of 'arts'.

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Hi Linda I like the artistic way that you have presented your poem on the art of felling a tree!

Lucy said...

i've never thought of tree falling as an art , but it truly is! thanks linda!

jillypoet said...

I tried leaving a comment, but blogger gave me a weird message! I'll try again:

I love that you see felling a tree as art. You have created art with the shape of your poem, as well. The short lines and length of the whole piece resembles a tall tree!

Lilibeth said...

unique view...that...almost furtive, yet so interesting. When I lived in colorado, any suggestion of tree-felling bred complaint and indignation, but if people have only lived in southern Arkansas, where they grow up overnight,the tone is different.

paisley said...

i would hate to think what the cutting edge californian would think of the activities called tree harvesting.....

sometimes i wonder what keeps me here.. then i look around and realize i live here for free and it is amazing how quickly i remember....

i think it sounds like an excellent way to pass an afternoon,, and it will most defiantly bring a warm fire down the road.......

Stan Ski said...

Timber! That was a little different, but enjoyably so.

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