Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Either Are or You Aren't!

This is the story a student came into school with the other day. I got a kick out of the way she reported the doctor's diagnosis.
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They kiss
in the hallways
walk hand in hand
to lunch

They lean
against her locker
chest to breast
nose to nose

heart motes
hang in the air
form halos
around them

She hasn’t
had her period
for two months
one test

came back
said no

She’s been
"The doctor says
I'm 84% pregnant."


sister AE said...

HA! funny (and sad at the same time). I remember my mom impressing upon me that "there is no such thing as a little bit pregnant."

UL said...

this is so pregnant Linda,;) loved it....

paisley said...

me and sister went there... "just a little bit pregnant".... great write....

susan said...

She said what?! Why do kids think they can handle sex but they can't seem to use birth control and accept facts? And we have children who tell each other than oral and anal sex really isn't sex that if you engage in these activities you're still a virgin. Arggg!

...deb said...

funny-sad-sad, yes. (very) good use of the "material".

SB said...

Oh, 84%! Indeed!

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