Tuesday, January 29, 2008



I’m listening to the radio
and falling in love with love.
I’m thirteen and what do I know?

I think of guys and what they have below:
a mystery I know nothing of.
I dream as I listen to the radio

of lips and hands moving to and fro
edging nearer to what’s above.
I’m thirteen and what do I know?

No guy has yet made me glow
or held me close like a glove.
All I have is yearning from the radio.

And it’s not that I want to be a ho.
Too fresh? I’d give him a shove!
I’m thirteen but I know what I know.

I’d just settle for the chance, though,
to experiment. I’d love a hand to cov-
er a part of me while I listen to the radio.
I’m thirteen and I just want to know!


paisley said...

i just love the villanelle.. and i will really try to get to one sometime this week,,, i have seen a few of them lately and it makes me "feel" like it......

this was wonderful...

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent, love songs are so powerful in creating desire in teenagers. Good choice of the villanelle too

susan said...

I like villanelles despite the ribbing it's gotten. This works but when I got to 'ho' it didn't seem in character with a speaker who would say "down below."

My daughter is 12 and she likes a lot of the music I find too suggestive yet when I talk to her openly about sex she clearly is very naive and awkward.

UL said...

villanelle, a new form for me...but looks beautiful

mariacristina said...

Linda, a great poem for girlish awakenings. The form works well here too! I agree with Susan about the one line, but the villanelle you wrote overall is a sweet one, a gem.

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