Monday, January 21, 2008

Crushed Red Flowers

Poem inspired by "Cold Poem" by Mary Oliver
for Poem: A Virtual Poetry Group
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Crushed Red Flowers

A blanket of winter
settles over us
after supper.

Him in his recliner
and me in mine,
two boulders
sitting in the snowflakes
of television babble
and computer clicks.

“Do you want to watch
Wings with me?”
He holds out this bouquet
but I’m in the middle
of writing a poem.
“Maybe later.”

I sit in the little sunshine
of my creativity,
fingers playing
hopscotch on the keys.

He punches buttons
on the remote,
finds the Outdoor
and watches hunting
in Alaska,
grown men chasing,
gunning down,
and killing
The blood splotches
are crushed rose

“Are you ready
for Wings yet?”
But I still want to post
the poem
on my blog,
meander down
the path
of other people’s
and make comments
about their writing
so I shake my head.

“Well, I’m heading
upstairs, then.”
He drags the frozen
quilt with him.

I turn off the TV.
The leftover snow
as I type away.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

I remember (and enjoyed) Wings. Am I the only one? Did I just date myself?

paisley said...

i kinda feel sorry for him... men are forever little boys,, and i can just picture him there saying..." do you want to play with me yet???" i don't know... i guess i can feel sorry for him,, since i don't have one (man or boy)butting in on my writing time.......

polkadotwitch said...

there's a joke in my house, "wings is always on." for a while when it was in heavy syndication, it seemed like it was on 24/7. kind of like friends and raymond are now.

two favorite images: "two boulders" and "takes the frozen quilt with him."

my own darling pouts when he goes to bed earlier than me b/c i'm up writing. here's a dirty polkadotwitch secret: go to bed with him for a while. just long enough to thaw the quilt if you know what i mean. then say you can't sleep and go back to the computer. :)

SB said...

Such a chill in the household. I think you've captured very well this exchange of frosty moments.

Regina said...

well put my friend, so go the long nights in New England in winter, not much to say and little activity to choose from other than maintaining our sanity via struggles to stay interested in something or creative??

FireGodOkami said...

awww, that's kinda sad. D= poor little guy....
i think you wrote this out wonderfully, mrs.jacobs! i was rather bored at home today and decided to look around. the title of this just caught my eye. very good sense of feeling; very strong.

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