Sunday, October 31, 2010

Intense for Sunday Scribblings

It's the last to change
and this year
I didn't think it would.

As the hillsides
turned fiery,
this tree outside

my kitchen window
stayed green. Summer
in autumn. Watermelon

rind green. Other leaves
drifted to the ground
creating multicolored

quilts but outside
my kitchen July
stubbornly held on.

Then one morning
I noticed a slight
yellowing along

the edges. Amid
the bare branches
of other trees

this maple turned
pineapple. A warm
sunrise. A treasure

chest of gold doubloons.
And this last day
of October

it illuminates
the snowflakes
swirling in the air.


omj said...

What a gorgeous tree! I love to watch the leaves change color, too! Sounds like perfect timing to me. :)

jaerose said...

Snowflakes of colour..I was looking out my window watching the leaves blow earlier and your words summed it up perfectly..your tree is something special though..Jae

gs batty said...

nice poem and a great take on the prompt. awesome picture..I miss the changing leaves

keiths hauntings said...

Lovely picture with the perfect words to accompany it. A delight.

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