Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3WW: Abrupt, Kernel, Wield

My school day
is filled with
kernels of

We’re reading
The Kite Runner.
I’m trying to elicit
the idea

that the young boy
must learn how to trust,
again, after being

“What does Sohrab
now have to do?”
Faces crunch
in thought.

Abruptly, a head
pops up, eyes,
shining like little
Christmas lights,

meet mine. “Take
a poop?” Teachers
wield power
over students

but, sometimes,
students wield
joy over their


jaerose said...

Lovely! I can imagine that sinking feeling of the teacher followed by a wry little inner smile..Jae

ThomG said...

Truly, kids say the darndest things. How did you keep from busting out laughing?

aw said...

Oh, no! :) Thanks for sharing this kernel of delight!

Giggles said...

Hahaha...and now you've preserved this special moment!! lol. One thing with your poetry, it's always a surprise!

Hugs Giggles

Ramesh Sood said...

Its good..well written..

Shail said...

Kids do say the darnedest things! ;)

ms pie said...

hi linda, haven't been by in awhile... and oh that was great! kids keeping it real in a sometimes top heavy world... bird on a wire

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