Saturday, October 30, 2010

Masquerade for Writer's Island

Rob at Writer's Island offers this image for inspiration:

I always hated that damn bird.
And he hated me.
But I couldn't let my daughter know.

So, I fed him and cleaned his cage
and cooed and petted
but when we were alone

my mask came off and I'd glare
at him. “Stay right where you are,
buddy, and don't even think

of climbing onto my shoulder.”
He'd turn his head and hiss at me.
Then go back to preening

his snowy feathers, those same feathers
I'd stepped on one morning. The vet
said no bones were broken

but Flip stayed huddled in his cage
for a week giving me the evil eye.
I smiled beneath my mask.


Anonymous said...

I hope this is only wishful thinking rather than history! The mask of motherhood.

Diane T said...

I smiled under my mask.

Angry little bird, tee hee! We all smile under the mask, even with our own children, LOL!

Giggles said...

Quite the mask....bwwwuuaaahh...
nasty bird!

Marja said...

oh poor birdie Better put your mask up again

barbara said...

Bad birdie: no cuttlebone

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