Monday, May 4, 2009

Poetry Train: A Bed

A Bed

My bed has a head-
board where I hoard
chapstick and Bic
pens to write to friends.
It holds in its folds
a nail file I’ll
use when I choose
to fix, while I’m watching flicks,
my nails.

And if I fail to fall
asleep at all
I can read a book
or take a look
at TV. It’s free.
Or do a puzzle
and maybe nuzzle
if I must. It’s just
a great place
to be. Lucky me.


gautami tripathy said...

Internal rhyming is perfect. This is very vivid and I loved all the images it created in my mind.


anthonynorth said...

It sounds like a good place to be. Great imagery.

AdellBeek said...

I love Bic pens. I loved the poem, and nothing is better than a bed on a Monday.

Andy Sewina said...

Love the almost tongue twisting rhymes, fix / flicks, phew!

paisley said...

i don't have a headboard, but that hasn't stopped me from accumulating all those wonderful pieces of might need on the windowsill behind the bed.......

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