Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wordle for ReadWriteWord

wind espresso field rain warm gentle science turning tricksy autumn stubborn incandescence belly loving velocity explore philharmonic realize anapest arguably pestilent silence insight laugh flask whisper hooded igloo sigh enormous
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“You are such a big bull”
he says to me
every time I bump
into furniture.

I try to laugh it off
but those words slide
into the flask
of my igloo heart
and I carry them around
with me all day,

turning them this way and that
as they become
more enormous
by the minute.

Each letter is rain.
Each word is the wind
that whispers
in philharmonic

There is no science
to explore the velocity
of that sentence
as it hits my belly,

no insight
into the field of silence
that stretches
from me to you.

Six syllables
of anapest
that create a prairie
between us.

I could blame it
on the tricksy autumn
season of my life
making me clumsy

or your espresso

But I am stubborn
and loving you
has made me realize
that you have,
a pestilent tongue

that works before
your brain. I know
you don’t mean
to hurt me

so I put my sweatshirt
on and head outdoors
to get over it.

I walk away from you,
a hooded shape
becoming smaller
and smaller.


Anonymous said...

Wow. This is a great "break up/getting over it" kind of poem.

I can't tell you which stanzas are my favorite because you so cleverly made them flow so well!

It's a great story! Thank you for sharing! I too had fun with this wordle!

Lisa G. said...

Fabulous!! What a joy to read! You had me from the first line. I'm going back to read it again and feel all the parts in it that I know so very, uncomfortably well. Hrumph. Men.

(And you win for best use of anapests).

Giggles said...

My favorite I tell ya!! You are my favorite poet...I'm sending the poem to a dear friend who often feels this exact same way. I used to feel this way...thankfully that was 12 years ago now!! Bless you, I hope your soul heals from all the nasty pin pricks!!

Love and hugs Sherrie

Annamari said...

what's amazing about it :
you managed a good poem with all the words. I used only five...

paisley said...

autumn seems to have a way of teaching us resilience,, and expanding our perspective.... you are fortunate in the fact that you hung out long enough to have a use for such time wrought perceptions.....

christine said...

wow, you combined all the words and wrote a poem with a narrative. Great!

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