Saturday, June 25, 2011

Give for Sunday Scribblings


We made a fire tonight,
flames sunsetting the night.
Friends joined us
with glasses of wine

conversation and laughter.
Micheline gave us music
with her melodious
French accent.

Ralph entertained
by stringing Christmas
lights. Donna
regaled us with

stories of her winter.
Words flew back and forth.
They gave us their lives,
We gave them ours.


indiwriter said...

How I wish I was there at this party.. such warmth and bonhomie!


Susannah said...

I really liked this. :-)

Particularly loved the line. . . "flames sunsetting the night."

jaerose said...

I felt like you invited me to your dinner is in the simple things..Jae ;)

Altonian said...

This was like one of our Juhannus (Midsummer) parties which have just taken place. Fun, frolics and friendship. Lovely

Wendy said...

rarely do I think of casual party conversation as giving. But it is because we offer (usually) the best of ourselves...whether the talent is jokes/humor, or music, or story.

Kim Nelson said...

Sounds like a wondrous evening. Lucky you!

ms pie said...

how wonderful to spend time with friends....... it is full of heavenly notions... ahhh, you started a prompt...

Kate said...

These evenings make life worth living!

Jeanne said...

What a sweet visit! Great Poem!

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