Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Basket for Leaves of the Poet-tree

I don’t have a basket
on my bike
like Dorothy for Toto
in The Wizard of Oz

but I do have saddlebags.
In them I pack
my life: stationery
to write a letter,

several pens, a letter
to respond to,
a water bottle
with ice,

sunscreen, a turquoise
and white striped towel,
my nifty folding
seat, sunscreen,

my Nikon D60 SLR
camera, mail to drop
off at the post office,
and my Kindle.

When I get to the beach,
I unbuckle it
and carry it
to an available spot

then it sits next to me,
like a faithful
dog while I use
everything in it.


Fiducia said...

Wonderful imagery!! Just felt like myself packing up for an adventure...No rhymes, but the flow and rhythm dwell-ed in the right place!! Amazing theme...great choice of words...

Giggles said...

Oh how the times have changed! Loved it!

Hugs Giggles

imnotaverse said...

What a lot you pack into your bag! And you use it all.

I found this poem quite endearing as it shows a side of your character, as yet unkown to me.

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