Monday, June 27, 2011

The Poetry Train

Kylie said, “Grammy,
you want to go to the playground?”
I closed my laptop.

I saw two students
sneak into a secluded stairwell for a quick hug.
I closed my eyes.

A knock. Standing
on the threshold were two Jehovah’s Witnesses.
I closed the door.

Sun glinted from the ring
he asked me to return.
I closed my heart.


Ana said...

it's good to be back... "closed my heart" , I felt just the same recently. it is a good work- like the progression...

ms pie said...

beautiful linda... i gotta admit when i first read the word i was like what?!! literally today's prompt is closed ??!!... okkk, i get it that's the word.... i will consider today's word and come back...

Anonymous said...

I like the repetitive play of 'close' here..makes the flow of the poem even more awe-inspiring!! Nice..

Giggles said...

Sad ending, well said!

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