Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Tent Poetry Wordle

He started by running his finger
along her thigh
to make her gasp.

By that time she was awake
and knew there was no way
she could slip out of bed.

She rolled over and saw
the question
in his boyish eyes.

What other way is there
to quench the flame?
She nodded her tangled head

ready to defy
the alarm’s insistent buzz.
The sunrise was a parade

of smiles. She reached out
turned off the alarm,
got up. Just a typical morning.


Kim Nelson said...

What?! She got up? I didn't expect that.

Jade said...

"The sunrise was a parade
of smiles." Beautiful line & intriguing poem

flaubert said...

A very surprise ending. I wasn't expecting that. Nice!


Mike Patrick said...

You made a poem of my recurring dream.

Laurie Kolp said...

What a great start to the day! I enjoyed this.

Tumblewords: said...

I'm thinking she got up AFTER. :) Nice work!!

versebender said...

Great job of painting the scene...ending caught me completely off guard...great. Vb

nan said...

Fun ending. I enjoyed what you did with the Wordle.

gautami tripathy said...

My thought is, she got up in the aftermath..:D

rivulets of space

Due to Census work for the past one month, I have not been able to visit and comment. I will be back with a vengeance after a day or two!

Tilly Bud said...

The ending was quite a surprise.

WarmSunshine said...

I wish that wasn't a dream. I was loving the flow ;)

Geraldine said...

Ahhh...just another day! An unexpected ending. Nice one.

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Cathy said...

that ending is a killer. because you wonder what really happen then.

Joseph Harker said...

Agreed, "parade of smiles" is beautiful.

James said...

Very effective ending to a well written poem. Like other readers, I really dig that "parade / of smiles." line.

ms pie said...

hi linda love yr new blog and your header... oh man daffodils and tulips... im already searching for the crocus to start popping outta the snow... great post to the wordle the words melted so lovely... too bad, she missed out...

Jingle said...

wow, what a complete and fun story.

here is mine:

Thanks for reading.

Kodjo Deynoo said...

Demanding written with an unexpected end. I enjoyed it.

Kodjo Deynoo. said...

Demanding written with an unexpected end. I enjoyed it.

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