Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3WW: Loud Persuasive Riches

Another Bad Decision

She put her hand up and asked
in a loud voice, “Are you a science
teacher?” I shook my head no.
“Well, maybe you can answer
this question, anyway. If you

stick you finger in your nose
to scratch it, is it still considered
picking?” That was the last straw.
“Please leave detention.” I said
in a persuasive tone. She’d been

tapping her pencil, banging her keys
on the desk, complaining about
being bored. “Fuck that, I’m
not going to the office.” She mumbled
on her way out the door. She’s a beautiful

girl with onyx eyes and a soft complexion.
She’s smart and witty with riches
she doesn’t even know she has. The others
were quiet after she left. The room became
a vacuum. I wish I knew her better.


jaerose said...

The complexity of being a beautiful yet difficult child..there's such fondness for this student...almost works against the rules of the job and the school..wonderful story and poem..Jae

anthonynorth said...

It seems to me she isn't challenged enough.
A great story.

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

sheilagh lee said :she even acts up in detention? how terrible that she is only known for antics. Great story here.

Ren said...

I wonder how many teachers actually feel regret when they can't reach a child such as her?
Wonderful story.

Kylie said...

I hope she discovers those riches. This is great - I could really imagine this scene as I was reading.

Kim Nelson said...

You describe her beautifully, in an antithetical way, and invited the reader to wish your wish, too.

oldegg said...

She sounds just like a normal rebellious teenager who by some miracle will hopefully turn out to be a beautiful adult. It is our caterpillar stage, just don't squash them because their ugliness masks their beauty.

ThomG said...

always a pleasure to read your stuff, especially from the classroom.

VL Sheridan said...

Nice story. I agree with Kylie, I hope she realizes those riches some day.

ms pie said...

love this story.... captures the teacher's thoughts so beautifully..

trisha said...

the little imp who is adorable and unmanageable :)


Mr. Walker said...

Well-told, nicely structured, and I loved the little twist at the ending.

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