Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sarcastic for One Single Impression

We were watching Julia Stiles
as Katarina and Heath Ledger
as Patrick Verona in 10
Things I Hate About You.

Patrick says to Kat, “I
bet you’ve thought about
me naked.” She deadpans,
“I want you, I need you,

oh, baby, oh, baby.” My
husband and I cracked up,
our laughter flying out of
our eyes and settling over

us like a warm quilt. This
morning, he came downstairs
where I was trying to write
a poem and made a suggestion

for something else I could be
doing. That little smile,
that come-on twinkle. I glanced
up from my computer, said

in a flat voice, “I want you,
I need you, oh, baby, oh, baby.”
His laughter floated to me
on the scent of the coffee

he was making. When it was
ready, he carried a cup
in to me. I sipped it slowly.
It filled me with joy.


sandra said...

love this...!

Ramesh Sood said...

Good one..

anthonynorth said...


teric said...


Jim said...

"You need my coffee too!"
or "Do you need my coffee?"
could be, "You don't need my coffee!"

There were a lot of other things to say here I am sure.
I am also sure that I was surprised by this one!

Jingle said...


Kim Nelson said...

Utterly heart warming. Beautiful!
Here's my take on the prompt:

The Write Girl said...

So cute! I feel like I was in the moment with you. You set the scene very nicely.

gabrielle said...


Vinay said...

well, looks like u absorbed the movie nicely, Linda :) perfect!

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ms pie said...

oh linda totally enjoyed that scene between the two of you... isn't that what love is all about... a great moment i am sure of many...

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