Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday Scribblings: Me

Memories Underfoot

Ocean Park Beach
at low tide
provides a firm
surface to walk on.

My steps
leave only shallow
little bits
of myself
that I shed
as I walk.

The worry
over money
is way back
at the beginning
because it is really
so insignificant.

That little spat
with Gary
is back there
into the sand.

School stress is left
a couple steps
so that now
the indentations
are empty
just filled
with promises
and hope.

I breathe
salty air,
hold it in
my lungs,
every last
of it.


anthonynorth said...

Clever, using footprints like that. Excellent.

gs batty said...

I agree with Sir North..footprints in the sands is clever..nice poem

Granny Smith said...

Lovely poem with vivid images and a message of hope,

Divaa Divine said...

you made me feel great with this prompt! imagine the power in your words :D the you me :D is so me!

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oldegg said...

What is it that walking on the beach does this for us? I don't mean those joggers or power walkers that somehow miss the point of letting the sea, the sand and the breeze waft over you and set you free.

Great piece

Greyscale Territory said...

This could easily be me! I too walk the sands in many weathers, just to leave other lives in my footprints! A beautiful poem!

Dee Martin said...

This is absolutely gorgeous.

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