Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3WW: Hassle, Inject, Wealth

Because it was too much of a hassle,
I decided not to write a poem today.

I had no insights to inject into one
and no wealth of cool words to use

except for the ones from 3WW
and even those were not doing it.

Instead, I hopped on my red bicycle
and pedaled to the beach. I wrote

a letter to my friend who lives in Florida
then read a book for awhile.

I took a picture of an airplane
flying by with an advertising banner

swirling behind saying, “J Greeks
lunch buffet $7.95 11-2.” On my way

back to our campground, I inhaled
the scent of wild roses, admired a field

of clover and buttercups, then sat
on the screen porch typing this nonpoem.


anthonynorth said...

And a most poetic nonpoem it is.

Robert Lloyd said...

Simply laughable. I really enjoyed your not writing a poem today...although I could swear this uhm...dare I say verse
"I had no insights to inject into one
and no wealth of cool words to use"
was very near poetic. Thank you for sharing it made me smile. Awesome approach.

Thomma Lyn said...

So clever! I greatly enjoyed your non-poem. Fun, and delightfully written.

Stan Ski said...

Now I know what to do next time words fail me.

Amity said...

It's not that you don't know what to write or that words fail you this time..why it's a poem itself Linda and I love the simplicity of it and the simplicity of the life you have pictured here!

I was all smiles...:-) Do check mine, am back after a couple of week's absence...with *smiles*...:-)

Carlos said...

Me like! You painted a very nice day.

Jay Thurston said...

I love the nonpoem concept, you delivered a great story, colorful and creative... even in claiming your creativity has eluded you this week. Love it.

Felicity said...

I'm very glad you decided to write the nonpoem. Loved it. :)

Tumblewords: said...

I love your non-poems!

Anonymous said...

this nonpoem was too much fun :)

ThomG said...

I like this non-poem.

Jeeves said...

I loved this non poem poem so much

Dina Spice said...

Love it! It's how I've been feeling these days. Sometimes when we've nothing to say, but want to do something, say something, or contribute something, we just tackle nothing.

Your nothing made for a comfortable, happy little read!

- Dina

Americanising Desi said...

wonderful way to fulfil a prompt!


Nithin R S said...

This is more poetic as it is right from heart and from life.

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