Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3WW: Hidden, Noble, Roam

I used to be able to see the sky
with clouds roaming around
poking their noses over the mountain
peering at the sunset
through bloodshot eyes.

But spring happened
and, now, noble trees
stand like kings
blocking my view
with their crowns.

I sit in my class room
contemplating retirement
trying to see the hidden future
through the filigreed leaves
of apprehension.


anthonynorth said...

Great words on feelings about future changes.

Denise Moncrief said...

I really love the last line--the filigreed leaves of apprehension. This was wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

b said...

Very good analogy! I can relate!


Stan Ski said...

Spring happens... every year. Perhaps retirement will give you a new lease of life too.

Just someone said...

Wow! that was a wonderful take on spring and a great analogy!

love the line "filigreed leaves of apprehension" I can picture it just the way it is written

great piece!

Dina Spice said...

I love the growth of both you (contemplating retirement) and your environment (now noble trees).

Beautiful image you've created.
- Dina

Lilibeth said...

Wow. Nice images in an excellent poem. May you choose wisely.

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