Friday, July 30, 2010

The Sun and the Moon

The orange sun
was floating
like a big balloon
on the horizon
when I went out
for a walk
one morning
last week
in Florida.

I was there to visit
my mom in assisted
living. She knew me,
of course, since I am
part of her past,
but none of our conversation
made sense.
It was sad for me
but she was happy
wherever she had gone
to while I was there.

So, I got up early
to walk my sadness
away. I started
up the street,
looked up,
and saw the almost
full moon bright
in the blue sky,
hanging in there
until the last
possible moment.

I thought about Kylie
and how she’d asked me
when she’d get to see
her Nana Nana again.
When I said I didn’t know,
she said simply,
“I miss her.”

I miss her, too, Kiki.

The sun warmed
my back
like Kylie time
warms my heart.

I walked on.
The moon got fainter
and fainter.


Giggles said...

Linda you are such an amazing poet. This touched me deeply. The ending was a tear jerker. So much grief in this poem. I hope one day you compile all your writing into a book for future generations! So much heart in every single poem!

Love to you

Diane T said...

I understand. I am in this situation too. So sad when you can no longer ask a question or have a 'real' conversation. Such divine writing.

Elizabeth said...

Linda, my Mother passed away three months ago and I know that walk toward a fading moon. If you have the heart to write this and then place it here, for us to see, know that you also have the beating heart to finish your journey. My thoughts are with you,


Stan Ski said...

Attempting to walk away sadness can be a long and difficult journey.

Ruth said...

My mother too, and I, are in this space. Thank you for writing through the sadness; what you wrote and what others wrote in response make me feel less alone.

I really like the way you expressed this in particular:

The sun warmed
my back
like Kylie time
warms my heart.

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done Linda.....and well written...than ks for sharing your words

gautami tripathy said...

So poignant. So beautiful..

crumbling walls

vivienne blake said...

Thank you for sharing this with us: it must have been very hard to write positively while feeling so sad.

Poets United said...

This was a very touching poem. I hope writing this was somewhat soothing or a release for you. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Jingle said...

writing it out is cool,
I hope that you feel less pain once shared.
well put emotions,
love your style!

Jingle said...

here is my entry for journey…
thanks for the feedback!

one more believer said...

hello linda, it is always a pleasure to visit and glad to have stoppd by today... i love this style it fits so well... a sense of freedom with your words and thoughts.. holding onto those moments past present and future...

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