Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3WW: Joke, Leverage, Remedy

Who’s that man
standing with his arms
wide open,
tears in his eyes,
and a smile on his face?

Oh, it’s my dad
welcoming my mom.
He’s been waiting
thirteen years
for this day.

See how fast
she’s running,
now, all long legs
and limber,
dark hair

flying behind her.
It’s no joke,
Dad; she’s really there.
Scoop her up,
give her a big

hug. You’re
the remedy
she’s needed
these last declining

Turn around,
walk with her
like a bride
and groom
holding hands,

grins on your faces
down the long
of a heavenly


gautami tripathy said...

This is so touching. Forever a bride and a groom.

tumbled thoughts in a silver tumbler

Ramesh Sood said...

Very beautiful this! What an imagination.. you made them both and yourselves happy..

ThomG said...

So nicely done, Linda. Great sentiment, lovely images.

Anonymous said...

I checked this blog...I knew you would be putting fingers to keyboard and expressing what was in your heart and soul. I close my eyes and see.....Heathcliff and Katherine....(Jim and Fleurette) eternity.
Comforting and beautiful.

Thomma Lyn said...

So beautiful. Tears in my eyes.

Megan G.O. said...

That's really lovely. Beautiful idea of togetherness and rejoining.

Anonymous said...

I could see them. Beautiful.

Stan Ski said...

Sad and beautiful... together forever.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Very sensitive verses.

Leo said...

oh so beautiful this..! very nice..! lots of emotions..!

Nimue said...

you create magic !!

Dee Martin said...

You made me cry. I think of my parents this way - healthy, whole, young and in love. Thank you.

ms pie said...

it is good this love you speak of shining so bright in a world focused on darkness and disarray...

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