Monday, August 17, 2009

Poetry Train: Can I See you in the Kitchen?

Someone says, “Can I see you in the kitchen?”

And I answer,
“Yes, the light
coming in through
the small window
makes it possible
for you to see me.

Well, on the outside
of me, anyway:
my jeans
with the worn-out knees
from scrubbing
the kitchen floor,
the oversized fleece
that is so comfy,
my hair
pulled up
with a clip.

But, even a huge
picture window
won’t let you see
what’s inside
and I know you
don’t like to read.

If you’d said, ‘Can I
see you in your poems?’
then you’d know
who I really am.

So, sure, I’ll stand
in the kitchen
with the light
all over me
but I’ll still be
invisible to you.”


anthonynorth said...

Such a simple, everyday situation, yet such a deep poem. You show the difference you are talking about perfectly.

Stan Ski said...

Appearances can be deceptive.

rwellsrwells said...

I always like your poems. Too bad (s)he doesn't like to read, there's a lot there.

Jeeves said...

Nice one.....

Anonymous said...

You've used a daily morning chore to depict the depth of your feelings..
Amazing flow and genre of thought! Each line pertained to a moment of life, that crosses us daily but we fail to identify its' importance in our lives..
Your poems always speak the truth from life and that's what I like best!
Keep writing!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Wow..I like how you captured this in the everyday grind. Nice piece-

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