Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Laundry for TOP


When Kylie
comes to visit,
I like to wash
her clothes
and hang them
on the line.

Her little Levis
next to Grampy’s:
long and short
blue legs
kicking the breeze.

Her ruffled white shirt
near my plain
black one:
piano keys
tapping out
a timeless

Two clothespins
hold Dora the Explorer
Her panties
have ears!

Her tiny pink socks
in between
our longer ones:
wagging tongues
carrying on
a conversation
in the Downy-scented air.

The clothesline
sags in the middle,


Stan Ski said...

You make the chore sound such fun.

Kay said...

I love the idea of the story that the child's clothes tell - Dora the Explorer, the socks like tongues. Lovely.

Jeeves said...

sOO cute and sweet. Like this one

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, Wow! What exquisite imagery! I love this!

Fiducia said...

Nice way of converting a simple chore to a an amazing package of poetic verses..:)

Loved it! Enjoyed it too..:)

Especially, the socks, the panties and the white and black combination..Beautiful!!!

Irene Toh said...

I love how celebratory your poem is and the ending's a touch of genius.

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