Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poetry Train #11: Gorilla, Butterfly

This is one I wrote with the kids during Poetry Writing class a few years ago. I forget exactly what the assignment was but it had something to do with metaphors. I think I had them pick two words out of a hat and try to use them, somehow, in an unusual way. My two words were gorilla and butterfly.
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You wanted steak
so I jogged
to Rudy’s Market
and bought
one-inch T-bones.

On the way home
I imagined
a quiet evening:
and the scent
of charcoal.

Maybe that’s why
I was so shocked
when gorilla
sounds growled
off your usually
butterfly tongue
and hit me
as I came in the door
with the wrong
kind of steaks.

Speak to me
with wings of softness
or not at all.


Tumblewords: said...

I've known a time or two like that - but I didn't handle it well. Grin. Good poem!

paisley said...

aren't relationships weird... how do two people set off to achieve the same ultimate goal and end up so far apart in their thinking?????

i wish i would have had a teacher like you in school... i loved english,, and cannot remember a single one of my english teachers names so none of them must have really impressed me.....

gel said...

Unique way of expressing human relationships. Quite a challenge to use gorilla and butterfly so effectively.

"and the scent of charcoal"
"speak to me with the wings of softness or not at all."

anthonynorth said...

We all growl from time to time, but most immediately know it's wrong.
A great insight into human ways.

gautami tripathy said...

It appears simple but has a great message..

clearly fading

Giggles said...

I second that! Nothing like a verbal smack when you enter the room!! Leaves an emotional dent on your soul!

Hug Giggles

tiger said...


I LOVE YOU said...


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