Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ceremonies for TOP

I sit in the audience
with other proud parents
listening to Governor
Jeanne Shaheen

talk about accomplishments,
but looking at my daughter
standing with the other
scholar athletes.

For this honor
they must play at least
two sports and maintain
an average of ninety or better.

I catch Erin’s eye
and we both smile

Erin loved first grade,
well, the mornings,
songs, stories, snacks, recess.

After lunch, though,
she’d put her head down,
stick her thumb
in her mouth,

and take a nap.
At the end of the year
her teacher suggested
that she repeat first grade.

That summer she weaned
herself from her thumb
and asked to have her hair
cut into a sassy short style.

In September she entered
first grade, again,
her head held high,
the best reader in her class.

Today, her head is still
held high, her eyes shining.
I applaud the loudest
For her accomplishments.


paisley said...

and i applaud all three of you the teacher,, you and your daughter for having the clarity of thought to hold her back... this "no child left behind" thing is turning out a generation of idiots... i mean just in case you wanted my opinion.......

i loved this..

Oh said...

thanks for sharing this. We are so very fortunate to have daughters, to have that special expressions or raised eyebrow or smile glimmer across the room that tells so much, that means so much.

Bravo to you both.

Anonymous said...

And I applaud you as this is such a heart-warming poem. It brought a little tear to my eyes. I enjoyed this, Linda.

Oh, and thank you for visiting my last week's Sunday Scribblings. You are always so kind to stop by! I'm sorry it took me so long to return the visit, but I always return visits given if wonderful strangers like yourself leave an address! :D

Anyway, thank you for sharing this poem. :)

Giggles said...

Congratulations on making a tough choice that turned into an extreme success! I love that mother daughter eye contact, beautiful. You both should be so proud!!

Hugs Giggles

anthonynorth said...

You express that link between parent and child perfectly here. And with it they can thrive.

Doe said...

sheerly beautiful..
I liked how your eyes met
and smiled...remembering

Stan Ski said...

Good to see that it's understood that we don't all learn at the same rate. Given the required pace, we all do learn. The purpose of education is understanding, not necessarily graduation.

gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

I'm applauding, too. This warmed me through and through. I loved the part where you and Erin each locked eyes and both remembered. It's a proud and poignant time for all of you.

Jeeves said...

Mother daughter relationship is expressed so beautifully here. Congrats!!!This indeed is a wonderful moment.

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

I just love success and 'love' seems to be the key here.

Nicely recorded 'rememberings...'

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