Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flame Darkness Wish for 3WW

Because I'm on vacation, I was able to check the three words nice and early. Unfortunately, what I saw was Thom's rough draft before he up and changed the words for his final draft! Too funny!
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Ricky’s Wish

Gary painted flames
on the gas tank
of Rick’s motorcycle

one fiery stroke
after another,
his hands gently

holding the brush
and the belly
of the bike

creating heat
in the darkness
of his brother’s

death. Soon
he’ll put the ashes
in the empty

right gas tank
and take Ricky
for one more ride


ThomG said...

And the funny thing is, you looked at a draft version of the words, not what I intended to post. Great poem, however.

Richard said...

ooo. that's good. visual as all get out. i can see the garage, the bike, the gas tank, the flames. and good sentiment. but, won't those ashes ruin the engine? maybe that's the point.

Anonymous said...

I love this, Linda!
You always seem to take such imaginative approaches to prompts!

I'm finding myself looking forward to what you come up with! ;)

Tumblewords: said...

Varoooom! Vivid writing...

paisley said...

wow.. that is hugely sad if it s a true story,,, but in the event that it is,,,, ricky couldn't have had a better send off!!!!!!!!

pjd said...

One final ride, in flames. Great imagery, true characterization. Wonderful poem. Like angie, I love how you use the prompts.

Jeeves said...

gr8 poem with a tinge of sadness.


mam! hi i am azakamarina, a 11 year old child. i really liked your poem and hope you too will like my poem.(my pet)

mgirl said...

"creating heat in the darkness of his brother's death" ~ this is great, so sad but what a wonderful tribute to his brother. You did a beautiful job with the prompts, thanks. Happy New Year!

lissa said...

good imaginary and what a sendoff, I like the way you spin the three words into this story/poem

gautami tripathy said...

You show me such great glimpses!

angel said...

Oh my sad! Great work.

gmarie said...

Ya, good visual. My brother (passed away from a car accident)- he had a bike with flames. I remember him asking me to take a picture beside it before his accident but I was out of digitals back then.

Norma said...

Very impressive with strong emotions.

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