Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ancestry for ReadWritePoem

My maternal grandmother was always a very stern woman and I love this picture of her smiling with my mom.
My grandfather, Pepere, was such a handsome man. I feel like I never really knew these grandparents because they spoke mostly French and I didn't.
Last spring there was a "Looking Back at Local History" article in the local newspaper about how my grandfather had once been in an accident and how he helped save several people. I wrote the following poem about it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I never knew

my grandfather

was a hero.

I remember him

as just being there

smiling at me

like a photograph

caught in the gauze

of my memory.

I never thought

of him as a man

going to work,

playing with his kids,

telling a joke,

listening to music.

What foods did he like?

What made him laugh?

What were his dreams?

The picture I have

of him is one-dimentional,

flat, gray.

I don't know

what color shirt

he was wearing

when his car

went into the water.

I can't see the weather.

Did he scream

as he helped the women

out of the water?

Did they hug him

in thanks? Pepere,

who were



Anonymous said...

Hello, Linda!
I like your dots... ;)

I like the way you narrow focus from
a generalized questioning to specific emotions in this poem.
Very poignant and effective.
Nice work!

"Philo" said...

Your pépère was no paper tiger!

Fascinating tale.

gautami tripathy said...

LIke the way it goes...

I never knew my paternal grand father. He dies when my dad was 2 years old.

...deb said...

Hi Linda, It's fascinating how you discovered a part of your past through a newscliping. That would have been a fascinating poem, too, to feel that uncovering. You get at it here, of course, but the poem is about your grandfather, about how little you knew him, not as much your feelings.

Nicely done.

paisley said...

this is so touching,,, because it is so true,, what we do not know about those people we love,, often outweighs that which we do a hundred times over.......

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