Sunday, October 16, 2011

Paper for One Single Impression


I reach
into the bottom
left drawer
of my desk

to find
a sheet
of paper.
The one

I pull out
has a flowered
border. I
add a few more

flower stickers
then choose
a coordinating
pen. I begin

to write
a letter
to my friend.
I tell her about

my latest adventures
in care taking
in-laws, news
of my son

and daughter
and granddaughter,
what my husband
is up to,

opinions, hopes,
dreams, frustrations,
recipes, the minutiae
of my life.

I address the envelope,
add more stickers
and a matching
postage stamp

then hop on my bike
and pedal to the post
office. I slip it
into the mail slot

then check my box.
Sitting there
like sunshine
is a letter from her.

I continue on
to the beach,
get settled,
then sit

on the sand,
open her envelope,
and feel her life
float around me.


Sandra said...

those papers are have told that so well..!!

shail said...

"...and feel her life
float around me."

That is what letters do :)
Nice one.

anthonynorth said...

Often the best use for paper.

Teri C said...

Fantastic poem. So few use this kind of life sharing on paper anymore.

Jim said...

Very nice, Linda. I have the feeling that the fun was in the delivery.
That was a good thing because an e-mail would be so much more efficient.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isn't it absolutely the best feeling to find those lovely papers in the post with words so lovingly displayed? I thoroughly enjoyed your poem.

jaerose said...

Letters are a beautiful ray of have captured it wonderfully..Jae

Ramesh Sood said...

Beautiful.. but then letters and getting extinct.. perhaps we should have some period when not emails.. please.. only letters among friends should be practised..

Morning said...

creative way to experience paper in life.
enjoyed it.

brilliant entry.

linda may said...

Lovely. And she was thinking and writing to you too.

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