Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Back Yard for Sunday Scribblings

My Back Yard

Is a strip
of aluminum foil
in the sun.

I sit on the stairs
fish jump
in the canal.

Circular waves
drift toward shore
then die
like ideas

for this poem.
The prompt
I bit.

But it wasn't enough.
I'm writing
nothing but
widening blankness.


oldegg said...

No you are not. You grabbed me with that view of the canal but you dozed off whilst I when on imagining how the scene would develop!

Morning said...

love it,

visual imagery on your backyard in poetic form.

jaerose said...

A blank back yard may be a beautiful think..the roll of aluminium foil lured me in..I saw the light dancing on Old Egg..I agree you wrote something great..Jae

totomai said...

i want to be in this blank back yard if i can write something like this. :-)

the first few lines are well thought

keiths ramblings said...

Your back yard - your muse. Delightful.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I like the imagery here of the canal as backyard. Seems like plenty, to me!

Zanzinece said...

Oh I loved the imagination of this – this strip of aluminum foil and sitting on the stairs watching fish jump and waves dying like ideas as ideas will do, cheeky as they are!

linda may said...

Sounds like a nice backyard to me. You can see water. I hear traffic and see the hills beyond.

Gel said...

Ah, I disagree about "wandering blankness." That opening was sheer brilliance! (no pun intended) You kept me on edge wondering what more would emerge. Happy SS!

miss pie said...

love yr wandering ways in your own backyard....

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