Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3WW: Figment, Inclined, Vulnerable

The sun is a figment
dissipated into memory.

Rusty trees are reflected
in the steel water.

Fog floats over the mountain
and blends into the gray sky.

I'm sitting in my son's living room
next to my in laws who are napping.

You might think this weather
makes me vulnerable to depression

but I am listening to soft snores
watching rain drip from the deck furniture.

My feet are inclined on the leather
La Z Boy and my fingers

are tapping away on my iPad
happy to be writing this poem.


Sheilagh Lee said...

lovely you paint a nice picture with this one of family

Rallentanda said...

Snoozing after lunch..lovely family tableau!

oldegg said...

There is something about the rain that makes being lazy, noble. Great poem.

Berowne said...

Very enjoyable; very well written...

MaryA said...

Lovely, simple emotion about the ordinary events with those we love. Also a very effetive use of the three words.

Andy Sewina said...

Nicely Linda, you move mountains!

'Rusty trees are reflected in the steel water' - belting line!!!

jaerose said...

There is content in this piece..warmth in perhaps an uncomfortable predicament..turning up the grey..Jae :)

Shail said...

Even gray foggy day can be brightened up by tapping away on the iPad :)

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