Sunday, September 18, 2011

Easy for Sunday Scribblings

Easy Fun

We started by making a fire
to sunset the night air,

got the charcoal started
and warmed the steaks

to room temperature.
Donna sliced a tomato

from her neighbor's garden
and I contributed a salad

with all ingredients
from the farm stand.

I baked sweet potatoes;
she baked red bliss potatoes.

We shared everything
on the red-ginghamed

picnic tables. Laughter
floated in the dark silk

like embers. Later,
while the men talked

around the fire, Donna and I
played Banagrams with her

teenage son and his friend,
tiles clicking around the table,

words growing, bridging generations,
keeping night at bay.


jaerose said...

This is so cosy..warm..full of comforting food and friends..a bonfire of safety you can huddle around..Jae

Nanka said...

Loved the atmosphere you have created around a campfire night. Very warm cozy and friendly!! 'bridging generations' are beautiful words!!

Anonymous said...

You made me want bring over a bottle of wine and join you. : )

Anonymous said...

So comfortable and cozy! The atmosphere is perfect and the words blend so well.

Just lovely.

oldegg said...

So easy to picture the scene and the people involved.

keiths ramblings said...

I wish I'd been there! Perfect.

Belva Rae Staples said...

This is a lovely scene and I like the bridging of the generations idea.

Dee Martin said...

This made want be there - well, actually it TOOK me there! Lovely!

linda may said...

Very nice scene you have set with this. Then again, what I read of your writing is.

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