Sunday, January 2, 2011

Calmed for One Single Impression


The waves are tiny
just six-inch slats
moving slowly
along the sand

I escaped the land-locked
mountains and stand
on the beach
breathing peace

Each sea gull
is freedom
each shell
is abundance

The salt kisses my lungs
Driftwood is my soul
My footprints
scream I am alive


Sherri said...

What a beautiful poem...the ocean has this same effect on me. Lovely words!

anthonynorth said...

Nicely done. Yes, the beach brings me alive too.

thelittlewriterthatcould said...

Having a beach nearby is such a blessing and you described the healing this brings so beautifully.

Jim said...

So very pretty, Linda! It makes me want to head south a hundred miles to Galveston, Texas.

I love the beaches. Just watching the waves is so calming. I am wondering about the driftwood being your soul. Sounds like my motorcycle way back when.
On the beach at St. John

ms pie said...

love the passion you speak with... we all gotta have that place that sets us free....

Tumblewords: said...

A smooth ocean is so calming - lovely words!

LeiffyV said...

Well done, I can see the ocean in my head and it is a wonderful sight indeed. Thanks for sharing this great piece!

giovannicucullo said...

Alive in nature...well done!

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful poetry. I love this line: "The salt kisses my lungs" Stunning words.

Patti said...

Beautiful- the ocean and any water has the same effect on me as well. I love the last line!

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