Monday, October 26, 2009

Carry Me Back for the Monday Poetry Train

Carry Me Back….

…to the house
we rented
on Papailoa Drive
in Haliewa, Hawaii
during the winter
of 1992

…to fresh pineapple
chunks waiting
on the cupboard
for the kids
when they got home
from school

…to windows
full of the ocean

…to Erin building
sandcastles on the beach
and Nathan surfing
in the waves

…to liquid sunshine
followed by rainbows

…to footprints
trailing away
in the sand

…to five months
of heaven.


Julia Smith said...

You definitely carried me with you. Makes me sigh.

Anonymous said...

You got me nostalgic too !! Wow i love these memories...

Gordon Mason said...

Like the images here and the poetic names that you included. I wonder if the second last stanza could possibly be the end of the poem?

Gel said...

So rhythmic and romantic. (I envisioned being carried over the threshold to each of these places.) Sigh- such sweet memories!

gautami tripathy said...

I got carried away!

clipped toenails

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