Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bump in the Night for Sunday Scribblings

Okay, this isn't really a bump-in-the-night story but it's all I've got today, and, really, the end of the summer season is scary to me!
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My Bump in the Night

The air smells
like sun-dried laundry
and sounds
like children's prayers

hopeful and true
on this Saturday
in October.
Gary's boat

is out of the water
and we'll be closing
camp on Monday.
I'm at the beach

taking photographs
of the sky
and ocean. The sun
waves its wand

here and there
highlighting the pier,
red maple leaves,
a lighthouse on a point.

Birds are flocking
and skimming
over the water
and I'm catching

it all in my lens.
It's high tide
and the waves spread
on the sand like snow.


anthonynorth said...

A great pastime to be doing there.

Belle said...

I just adored this... So many great lines. Especially loved:

The sun
waves its wand

here and there
highlighting the pier

...fantastic. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful scene.

Yellow Tulip said...

beautiful dear:)..hope to see ur pics as well:)if the write is not fictional:)...

keiths ramblings said...

What a perfect picture you painted here. Lovely.

Lucy said...

so musical and as always beautiful!

gs batty said...

the end of summer is an awful thought/ the picture you write is wonderful

gel said...

lyrical and lovely
good to be reading you again!

gautami tripathy said...

I like the narration. Somehow it made me feel so good.


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Dee Martin said...

Me too - hope to see pictures I mean. It sounds lovely :)

bluebethley said...

Lovely, lovely end of season celebratory poem. I think "bump in the night" may come later, or not at all!

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