Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meditation in Z

February 10, 2011 Poetry Class

Meditation in Z

This sideways N
zooms across a page.

It's a swift zephyr
buzzing through the trees.

It's last in line
of all the other letters

waving a red flag
as the parade zips by.

Z is a bumblebee's song
and an airplane's snarl

as it whizzes through
the azure sky.

Z is the sharp sting
of a poorly executed quiz

and Kylie's smile
when I bought her a ZhuZhu pet.

Zs are elusive
but make a big statement.

When they are by the dozen,
Zs are dreamland

at the end if the day
and exercise when I Zumba.

I have no idea
how to end this poem,

how to leave a zippity-do-dah
instead of a snooze.

so, I'll just stop writing
and turn this terrible

music off and stop turning
my students into zombies.

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