Saturday, May 28, 2011

Writer's Island Visual Prompt

The follwoing image by Michael Maeir is the prompt at Writer's Island this week.  I've been in a bit of a poetry slump so decided to write a letter, instead.


Hi, Mom, I see Dad
has taken up the violin
again. It always amazed
me that those rough

and greasy mechanic’s
hands could ever make
music. But you knew
how magical he was.

It’s so nice to see you
young again and swaying
to the strains of the ocean
waltzing out of the violin.

Never look back, Mom.
We’re all doing fine here.
Open those wings and blend
into the gossamer forever

with your violin player
scattering confetti notes
around you until you both
become a whirlwind of one.



Anonymous said...

That's just lovely. Your parents would be proud.

laurie kolp said...

I agree... a beautiful and thoughtful tribute to the hereafter.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for this one. It brings back memories of my parents. My father would start singing and Mom would harmonize. That's how we traveled. Wonderful tribute,


anthonynorth said...

Beautiful and profound.

Anonymous said...

Delightful. A great take on the prompt.

voxnewman said...

Sounds like you have a similar way of approaching poems as William Carlos Williams.

lucychili said...


Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely written Linda....thanks for sharing this

Dave King said...

Love the originality of it - and found it strangely moving. Well done.

gsb3 said...

This is refreshing. I love the way you give human life to the cello and such vivid details of the couple. Good job.

Jingle said...

what a precious piece for your parents.

they must be proud of you.

Isabel said...


gautami tripathy said...

This is so beautiful...

jingling chains

Jarvis said...

If I were to write a poem for this visual, I'd make it about the wind playing the violin.

Jingle Poetry said...


Jingle Poetry said...

What a thrill to land on your amazing poetry land.
Come sharing your poetry with us today,
First time participants are welcome sharing 1 to 3 random poems or poems unrelated to our theme.

Hope to see you linked in.
Happy Tuesday!

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