Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Damp, Incensed, Skid for 3WW

I really need to write a good poem.
I’ve been trying
but the results are insipid.

I hate this poetic skid.
I’m incensed that it has happened.
Used to be, I could write

about anything so easily.
Tulips are shouting,
leaves are stretching,

but, my imagination is shrinking.
It must be the weather.
We haven’t seen the sun

for over a week.
Everything is damp and dreary.
And I’ve cranked out another dud.


jaerose said...

No you haven't! 'poetic skid''s humid over in the UK and it does drain the senses..I always picture you at your desk..maybe at your school..writing these pieces.. gives me a window into another world and another person writing..what more can you ask? Jae

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

not a dud at all it's a wonderful poem

Laurie Kolp said...

I, too, like 'poetic skid' and can definitely relate. My muse is like a child, but always comes back. It looks like yours never left-- this is NOT a bad poem.

Jessica Prescott said...

i think you did a great job writing out your writer's block. Maybe not your best poem, but certainly a fun one.

Giggles said...

This is a perfect expression of how you feel! It's a lull we all get them! This is wonderful! Hope the words come flooding back!

Hugs Giggles

trisha said...

i can understand why your muse has fallen asleep.

hope sunshine returns and she wakes up soon.

beautiful poem any way.


Ramesh Sood said...

Liked it a lot..

Old Altonian said...

Ey oop! Happen there's nowt wrong wi' that, lass! So far as weather's concerned, it's a bit mucky ower our Annie's too.

The Games That Children Play said...

i like the creativity used on this piece. good job.

Lilibeth said...

Well you might think it's a dud, but it has a certain damp charm. Here we are damp and cloudy as well, but everybody is reveling in it because we've been in an awful drought since January.

mindlovemisery said...

loved it! Oh I have been there =) Very creative

Jealousy and Nightmares are my entries

Shauna said...

Adorable poem, Linda.

mypoeticlicense said...

All of your poems are little tales that I love to read...bits to savor that reveal, even when you seem stuck. I enjoy that you wax and wane with your poetry, as it makes me feel less guilty/bummed when the same happens to me!

- Dina

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