Sunday, April 17, 2011

Design for Sunday Scriblings

I wrote this one a few Columbus Day Weekends ago.  It popped into my head when I saw the prompt this week.
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I spent the morning
in front of a computer
designing a TeacherWeb page
and if I turned my head just a little
I could see the sun
designing a mosaic
on the fall leaves.

Now, in this caramel afternoon
I’m sitting on a beach
with that same sun
painting shadows
in all the little pockets
of the sand.
I watch the waves
rush toward high tide
crocheting an intricate doily
on the shore
and with a yellow pencil
I design a poem.


Meryl said...

Crocheting an intricate doily on the shore - what great imagery. I'm there on the beach with you!

Cynthia M said...

Funny, I was particularly touched by the same lines as meryl:

crocheting an intricate doily
on the shore

Such a picture you've painted with words :)

delphiandreams said...


oldegg said...

Yes, the "crocheted doily" is hard to beat but the yellow penciled poem would be hard to read!

Granny Smith said...

What an absolutely perfect response to the prompt!

Reflections said...

Perfection! love the images, the feel you have created here. Fabulous piece.

M. A. S. said...

All the images are beautifully vivid and I love the way they connect. Fantastic poem!

linda may said...

What a lovely picture this paints for me.

Kylie said...

Love the images!

jaerose said...

'caramel afternoons' and 'yellow pencils'..sounds like a dreamland..a hoilday in the head at least.Jae :)

Kate said...

o precise and lovely!

Kate said...

(Except I meant SO precise and lovely, but: "oh! precise and lovely" also works)

Mr. Walker said...

I can relate to this - designing things for work, admiring the designs of nature, and then designing a poem for myself - to share with other like-minded people. Thanks.

Dee Martin said...

what a lovely day - even the webpage part :)

Jarvis said...

What's with the title and highlighted words?

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