Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adamant Fabricate Peculiar for 3WW

My brain is adamant
about not thinking
today. It has shrunk
to the size of one

cauliflower sprig. I
look out my classroom
window at the shrinking
snow and patient

trees but they offer
no inspiration. Even
the wind scurrying
through the woods,

playing hide and seek
with the dead leaves
offers nothing fresh.
I’d love to fabricate

a poem out of the ordinary
and the peculiar
like the messy pile
of Othello books

or the checkered pig
someone drew
and taped to my white
board. But, it’s

2:20 pm and almost time
to go home. The sun’s out
so I’ll take my tiny brain
for a walk to wake it up.


Deborah said...

So well written, well done! :o)

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

Sheilagh Lee said that's the way I used to feel in school on awarm spring day when I just wanted to be outside.Wonderfully descriptive poem.

anthonynorth said...

You've captured the non-thinking moment with a great deal of thought.
Nice one.

oldegg said...

The delight in this poem is that you satisfy the prompt without apparently realizing it in your frustration and ineptness.

Anonymous said...

So you write a creative piece about not being able to be creative...quite a clever construct. Vb

Andy Sewina said...

'I'll take my brain for a walk to wake it up.'

I'll have to try that!!

Nicely Linda!!!

jaerose said...

There's always something to capture..even apparent 'nothingness'..and a 'cauliflower sprig' is big-sized brain at the end of a working day filled with children! Jae;)

Kylie said...

2:20pm - a great time to take a 'cauliflower sprig' brain for a walk. This is fantastic - I can definitely relate and can see the checkered pig stuck to the whiteboard.

trisha said...

what does your brain writes when its fully awake?

fantastic poem. :)


Christine said...

Well described, especially the image of your brain and the feelings that all that surrounds you isn't even inspiring you to write, I know those feelings.

Mr. Walker said...

This is great, the flow of thoughts (non-thinking?) and images; it's well-crafted. A delightful read.

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