Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3WW: Jolt, Ribbon, Zeal

The ringing
of my phone
jolted me
out of the stupor
of blogging.

It was my friend
asking if I’d like
a glass of wine.

“Sure” I answered
with zeal. So, she’s
on her way.

And I’m typing
to get this done.

Outside, the clouds
are turning
into pink ribbons,
the color of
white zinfandel.


mark said...


anthonynorth said...

This one is intriguing.

pia said...

Hope the sky stays beautiful, the wine is great and the company better :)

Lilibeth said...

Ah I love the white cloud ribbons.

Tumblewords: said...

A perfect 'jolt'!

Andy Sewina said...

Phew, I like Australian white wine, you can mix it with whisky and honey and lemon and hot water on a cold day!
We call it a blob!

Tim Remp said...

Wine and blogging shouldn't mix ;)


ThomG said...

I like the slice-of-life tale in this. Just written for the simple pleasure of writing it.

Lucy said...

wine with a friend is more important that YES.. even blogging! good choice!

Just someone said...

Nice one! And,hope you had a great time with the friend and the wine:)

Have a nice day!

Stan Ski said...

With that response, I'm sure it wasn't just a quick one...

Dee Martin said...

Sounds lovely - hope you had a wonderful time :)

Jeeves said...

Wow, the colour of Zonfandel

one more believer said...

hello... this is written so well...the simplicity of everyday life.... sharing a glass of wine with a dear friend...and writing poetry..who could want more??!!

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