Saturday, September 27, 2008

Free Prompt for TOP: The Letter K

My granddaughter's name is Kylie so when I gave my poetry-writing students the assignment of taking a letter and meditating on it, K came to my mind immediately.
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Meditation on the Letter K

Three sticks make a K:
one long and two short ones.
This K is a peacemaker
offering a resting spot
for the two upstart
short sticks
that want to head
their separate ways.

K is picky, not showing
up in too many words,
but when he does,
he’s often with his sidekick C.
They are like Dick and Jane,
Barbie and Ken, Frick and Frack,
Kermit and Miss Piggy,
Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock.

K’s are masculine verbs
helping us walk, talk, pick,
snicker. They are cabooses
kicking us along.

A K says yes with
with every okay
but whispers
when he’s at the head
of the pack
leading us on to sparks
of knowledge.

On bended knee, a K
waits for acknowledgment
and a kiss.

Our Kylie started
as just a speck,
a look between her folks,
a knock on the door,
a quick smile.

Now, though, she has grown
into the capital K of her name
with two feet exploring
and an arm stretched out
ready to catch the package
of life.


SweetTalking Guy.. said...

Krumbs.. a lot of thought has gone into this one Linda.

Still said...

Thanks for sharing something and that was very original. I wish I would have been one of your students. You sound fun and creative in your classes.

I shared a pic. top.

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is a fun idea, I enjoyed the read!

Anonymous said...

What a seemingly mundane yet wonderful place to find inspiration. I've learned to love the letter K because it happens to start my own name. Still, I've never put as much creative thought into it as you have. I particularly loved this stanza:

"On bended knee, a K
waits for acknowledgment
and a kiss."

Thanks for sharing!

Marcia said...

Linda, I honestly found this nothing short of brilliant, the connections you made seemed obvious when read, but so many of us would have never picked up on them.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

"three sticks make a k" very clever. you can tell that you are a teacher and keeping thing interesting. loved that baby photo thumbnail

lela b said...

I agree with still, nowadays it would be great to go back now with modern teachers making it interesting. I like your references to superheroes and such.

My references are to a few villians. Maybe you can remember them from college.And a few heroes. More of the story. Satire.

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