Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Funny Story for Totally Optional Prompts: The Kiss

I always do the same assignments I give my Poetry Writing students and this was the result I got from a sestina exercise. I went through magazines and cut out interesting words and each kid (and me) got 6 words to use as the last words in each line.

And, yes, this is partly autobiographical, unfortunately!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Kiss

I can’t believe I was all thumbs
when I got my first kiss.
There he was with his mouth a cute nugget
and his hair in that Beatles’ style.
I wish I’d had a camera
to preserve the moment in a picture.

Never in my dreams did I picture
what I would do with my thumbs
as we got closer and closer. No, forget the camera
and, really, I just want to forget the kiss
and that whole time when I had such a geeky style.
There we were with love between us like a nugget

of gold. I started with the nugget
of his nose, closed my eyes, and pictured
its adorable tiny style.
But then came the problem with my thumbs
and just as we were about to kiss,
just as his eyes were closing like a camera

lens, just as I was imagining perfection in the camera
of my mind, I accidentally grazed another nugget
of his, making him lunge at me for a kiss.
Our romantic tryst became a picture
of chaos. All because of my wayward thumbs
and awkward style.

When his lips met mine in such shocking style
I have to admit I became a little camera
shy. I pushed at him with my thumbs
and tried to get away but the nugget
of want he was feeling was certainly not what I’d pictured
when I imagined my first kiss.

I always assumed that we’d gently kiss
in pillow to pillow style
and never did I picture
his tongue and teeth in my mind’s camera
mashing my mouth and leaving nuggets
of spit on my face and my thumbs.

I told him to kiss-off. I wouldn’t need a camera
for my new celibate style. Love turned into a nugget
of coal. My picture of romance shattered by thumbs.


anthonynorth said...

Ah, the awkwardness of young passion :-)
Loved this.

Lirone said...

The mind boggles... just what were you _doing_ with your thumbs! Great sestina - really captures that awkwardness.

Pauline said...

lol -

I assume you did not give up kissing forever

I will have to go look up sestinas and give one a try

Giggles said...

Oh what I would do for a nugget now!! Hilarious....loved it! Very well done! Bringing back youthful moments of awkwardness! I'm sure there were many better kisses after this! Love your poetry!!

Hugs Giggles

Brian said...

Bravo! The sestina style lends itself so well to your tale of woe.

tumblewords said...

Laughing, oh, laughing! This is a perfect piece on puerile passion!!

Stan Ski said...

This one definitely gets the thumbs up from me.

paisley said...

well,, had this been my first experience with kissing,, perhaps i wouldn't have spent so much time pursuing it... and who knows,, maybe that would have been a good thing!!!!!

i just love personal stuff....

in addition, i just want to let you know i am posting my new poetry on justpaisley.... now, and i sure would love it if you came over and had a look....

Cynthia said...

oh my gosh, wonderful, the whole
transformation of feelings.

Anonymous said...

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