Monday, June 16, 2008

What's Going On?

Well, we made it to camp for the summer. School finished last Friday and we were here by 6 pm with the boat towed behind us.
It's been mostly raining since!
Tomorrow, we are supposed to go to Bike Week in Laconia, NH. I've never been so it should be interesting.
Then on Thursday we are heading to Florida for 10 days. Several years ago we bought a house there for our retirement but hurricane Charley totaled it. We rebuilt so want to use the house for a little bit, at least. We still have three years before we retire. Until then my mother-in-law uses the house for a few months in the winter.
Anyway, I haven't had much chance to write poetry.

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paisley said...

well i for one am glad to hear from you.. have fun in fla.. i miss the hell out of it...

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