Monday, March 3, 2008


for ReadWritePoem March 3, 2008

She sits alone in her rocking chair behind lace curtains
rewinding the movie of her life.
She remembers hanging those curtains
when her husband was alive to help her.

The movie of her life unspools around her
like a ball of yarn.
When her husband was alive
Their lives were so happy and perfect.

But now the ball of yarn has unraveled
and only memories remain
of a life so happy and perfect.
A tear slides down her face as she watches the ending of the movie.

Now only memories remain
of hanging a life with her husband’s help.
She cries as she watches the ending of the movie
while sitting alone in her rocking chair behind lace curtains.


pepektheassassin said...

Oh, good job! Very nicely put together. You must be a terrific teacher!

Rethabile said...

I consider this sort of thing hard, and there you are making it look simple.

paisley said...

this was very intimate and sad... making use of such simple things rocking chairs lace curtains... very well done linda.....

Christine said...

How sad, yet a very honest and vivid portrayal of a wife who misses her husband. It is like the end of a movie. THe lace curtains create a barrier between the woman and her dead husband, and also between the reader and the woman. Wonderful!

anthonynorth said...

A touch melancholy, but stunning.
An excellent piece.

Leigh Lear said...

very sad, but so true.

chicklegirl said...

Really loved this, especially the last stanza.

Anonymous said...

This makes me sad...
It's a good write, though.

(I guess I'm just emotional.)

FireGodOkami said...

This made me think of when my pepere died. very emotional.

UL said...

i would love to do a pantoum one of these days...i love every one of them i have been reading so write them well...

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