Sunday, March 30, 2008

Out of this World

for Sunday Scribblings March 30, 2008
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Start with French vanilla
ice cream. Scoop out
a good-sized moon
of it and let it mound

above the sides
of the bowl. Then
sprinkle stars
of walnuts all over.

After that drizzle
pure, light amber
maple syrup
like sun rays

over the whole thing.
Finally, let your spoon
orbit looking for a perfect
spot to land for an
out-of-this-world treat.


amy said...

Perfect! What a nice down to earth take on the subject.

anthonynorth said...

A universal treat, as it were :-)

Wine-dark Sea said...

mmmmmmmm good...


Robin said...

I am definitely moving to your planet - yum!

tumblewords said...

I like the way you moved this prompt into an earthbound delight!

Lucy said...

what a Stellar interpretation of a yummy out of this world delight!

murat11 said...

Love the conceit: if that French Vanilla were Jupiter moons, there could be 63+ scoops. Heavenly lactose!

Granny Smith said...


Leigh Lear said...

sounds yummy.

paisley said...

you know i have never in my life tried syrup on ice cream... an you imagine??? nearly 47 of years of life in the bag,, and never even thought about it... next time i get a hakerin' for ice cream,,, this will be my poison... what a great poem linda....

Becca said...

Once again, you've done it perfectly.

I love your poems :)

Greyscale Territory said...

Just gorgeous!

There's just so much in this world that is out of this world!


Sara said...

Yum. I could picture every bite.

gautami tripathy said...

I want some!

debris of our making

keith hillman said...

I really have to go and get some now!

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