Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Scribblings: Reflect


Two bicycles
and a palm tree
are upside down,

in the mirror
of our canal.

I'd rather be on
one of those bikes
pedaling to the beach

but, all I can do
is capture
the freedom

(of wind slipping
through my curls
and filling

my cheeks
with its laughter,
of my feet

through the air,
of escaping)

in the lens
of this poem.


Anonymous said...

i like the idea of capturing the freedom of the wind

in the dragon's nest

jaerose said...

A picture and a tactile memory..maybe those bikes could be polished up..restored..for a new memory..wonderful reflection..a perfect balance of remembering and being in the moment..Jae

keiths ramblings said...

Oh what a wonderful picture you paint! A delight.

oldegg said...

This was a treat to enter your mind to be able cycle upsidedown to the beach

Nara Malone said...

You make me long to be out there pedaling away too. Thanks for the momentary escape :)

Anonymous said...

These are truly happy lines!! Made me smile :)

miss pie said...

such a day as this is delightful...

tony adams said...

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