Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3WW: Banter, Fumble, Glance

The old woman fumbles
with the bandage
wrapped around
her wounded wrist

like the pain pills
and booze
she wraps her mind
in to stop the pain.

I glance at her
and see the mess
she’s making.
I walk over

to help even though
she did this
to herself. I see
the stack of dirty

dishes in the sink,
the medication containers
lined up
like soldiers

waiting to fight,
the empty Absolut
bottle. I wrap
the ace bandage

loosely around
her arm. “Can
you go to the store
for me? I’m all out

of vodka.” I shake
my head no, too afraid
to open my mouth,
afraid all the negative

banter in my head
will spew out,
will cover her,
will kill her.


Gemma Wiseman said...

This little drama builds beautifully to that final comment on inner thoughts! A great read!

jaerose said...

The banter won't kill her...there's something tender amongst the desolation..I am glad someone is wrap the say no..Jae

Bethe77 said...

I feel the pain for both of you.
I feel the love you have for her to stop the maddness.
Great work with the three words.

Nanka said...

You have built it up nicely and the words paint an image. Ends well too!!

Sheilagh Lee said...

ah the alcoholic drug addict how hard to live with,

Angel said...

Very powerful piece.

Lilibeth said...

Wonderful imagery and deep, deep feelings.

Alice Audrey said...

It would just make her want to drink more.

Great use of three words. Please come see my three words

Kim Nelson said...

I agree with Jae. This tells the tale of loving enough to aid but not abet

oldegg said...

What a beautiful but hopeless and sad word picture you have created here.

LeiffyV said...

Intense piece, something I didn't think was coming until that last line. I believe my monster will be humming that with his next victim...

Thanks for sharing with us Linda!

Laurie Kolp said...

Powerful! I've seen that kind of situation many times... you've captured the essence, emotions perfectly.

Jessica Prescott said...

That ending really clinches it, a little heartbreaking for both involved.

swapnap said...

Missed so much here. Glad to be reading you again.

The Games That Children Play said...

Nice piece. sometimes the best help you can give to someone is saying "No"

mjshorts said...

A great read.
Shows just how hard it is helping someone who doesn't feel that they need help.

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