Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3WW: Mayhem, Engage, Disarm

When I walk into school every morning,
a giant fan starts blowing on me.

I can barely catch my breath.
The mayhem of new incentives

slaps me in the face,
work for our 10-year evaluation

twirls around like a horde
of mosquitoes, trying to disarm

my good mood, announcements
on the intercom bombard me,

requests from guidance interrupt
my classes. All I want to do

is engage my students in learning.
All day I stand in the whirlwind,

wondering how on earth we’ve
gotten so far away from education.


Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

Teaching is an art, it's a gift and it is extremely hard, especially in this day and age. Vent away, Linda, if it helps you continue to teach our youngsters.

(A noble profession, just like journalism. Too bad we don't get paid like nobles.)

anthonynorth said...

An important rant there. I don't know about where you are, but in the UK it's beginning to look like education is nothing more than preparing kids for work, with no truly rounded education any more.

Anya Padyam said...

Acknowledge the vent!

Teaching is such joy and you are so amazing to have chosen this wonderful noble profession!

I am what I am today because of such wonderful teachers as you! and, so are many others... keep on the good work

A great poem indeed!

Melissa Russell said...

I love this piece. It's true the kind of education we once received is far different.

I suppose time and circumstances dictate the outcome of this as now it's all one can do to contain the mayhem of these generations

gautami tripathy said...

I totally relate. We do everything in school but teaching. A shame, really.

time runs out on me

Tumblewords: said...

Rant on - make it public - let's get it fixed. Administration is basically a glow in the dark theme -
teaching is the goal. We NEED smart kids!

b said...

I understand totally...but trust me in the end it is totally worth it. Good Luck.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I do appreciate your attention.


Jeeves said...

We have, havent we got far away from teaching. But the pressures of today, pushes teaching to a new horizon. Really admire your patience with kids.

Anonymous said...

I work at a college, currently... and what I see (around here, at least) is schools being built by big companies in order to train and groom potential employees directly into their jobs. Not such a bad thing, with these complex, technical jobs, but it shouldn't replace a well-rounded general education. Have you ever met a 40 year old man who can't figure out a washing machine? Ha, bad example, probably, but you see what I mean: It's the learning to learn that's most important. With eagerness and initiative, we can figure out anything, but if we fear trying new things we're doomed.

Jane Doe said...

You rant and vent all you need to. Your frustration is evident here and I don't blame you. Teachers work so hard, spent so much time in administrative BS and not nearly enough time being able to do what they love, teach and you don't get paid early enough.

You did a fantastic job of channeling your frustration into poetic form!

Your poem inspired me to say thank you for being a teacher. As the mother of 2 children I know how important teachers are.

Have a great day,


Jenn Jilks said...

This almost gives me the heebee jeebies (sp?) and then I remember: I am retired and the principal from hell no longer has my life in her hands and must interrupt 65 times a day! Great work.

And then I remember to Thank your teachers! Nice work.

Mark said...

The rotary oscillator and the poo-poo that hits it, deflecting from more important distractions or practices.

Well done. Vent away. I like to read your venting...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your rant.Am glad you do what i love to do :)

Recently i wrote one thankyou note for teachers here

Anonymous said...

Nice one...Juz' felt like your frustration of the latest educational system was springing by to tell the truth!
Being a teacher is like being a mother...but yeah, only respect plays more weightage..not a'thing else!!
Miss my teachers when I say this..Many were my favorites!!
This was a cute little poem on one of your days and how well has it been woven, in time!
Keep writing..:)

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