Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Words for TOP: Mice, rust storm, blinking lights

Totally Optional Prompts suggested we use the following words in a poem. I managed 3 out of 4: black mice, durien sherbet, a rust storm. blinking lights

I peek
out my bedroom
to see his back-up
lights blink on
and his truck
leave the driveway

before getting
out of bed
and turning
on my computer,
a blue sun
in the middle
of the foggy

Then words
like black mice
scurry across
my screen

and the rust storm
of dry regret
becomes dust

that I can blow
away with the click
of a key

or save
as a document
of a mistake
in red taillights
through the gray mist.


gautami tripathy said...

Random has order here!

acuity of touch

anthonynorth said...

Deep and searching. Great words.

Andy Sewina said...

There's just a hint of a confession here, in the final stanza, or is the foggy morning getting to me?


Tumblewords: said...

'rust storm of dry regret' a fine phrase! Lots of vivid imagery in this piece - really enjoyed it...

Anonymous said...

Random, it is and so is so natural..
Nice work with words, so random!

Stan Ski said...

Good use of the prompt words. As for dry regret - I'd just click the 'delete' button and put it down to experience.

Jane Doe said...

Fantastic! I love how you used the prompt words, very creative. They seem like they were made for this piece, which is hard to accomplish.

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